25 Organic Honeoye Strawberry Seeds And 25 Crimson Knight Raspberry Seeds

25 Organic Honeoye Strawberry Seeds And 25 Crimson Knight Raspberry Seeds

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25 Organic Honeoye Strawberry Seeds And 25 Organic Crimson Knight Raspberry Seeds

Organic Honeoye Strawberry - 25 Seeds
Description: Long harvest season! Early/midseason. Large, dark red fruit on vigorous plants. Excellent freezing quality. Flavor may decline in extremely hot conditions. A great choice for the Northeast and Midwest. One of the best Organic Strawberries for container growing.
Fruit Color: Deep crimson red berries that are overly large and slightly tart.
Season: Midseason
Fruit Cones: An accessory fruit that is not a true fruit, due to seeds being borne on the exterior of the fruit. Unique to the strawberry.
Flowers: Small - 1/2 to 1-inch flowers. The flower in the first crotch is termed the primary flower, the two in the next two crotches are termed secondary flowers, the next four are tertiary flowers, the next eight are the quaternary, and the next 16, if they develop, are the quinary flowers. The primary flower opens first and usually produces the largest berry.
Flower Color: White to Yellow
Flower Period: Varied due to location, planting time, environmental conditions, and other factors
USDA Zones: Native in 3b to 9a but may be grown in all locations in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Organic Crimson Knight Raspberry- 25 Seeds
Rubus idaeus
Description: Plant features red canes and bountiful red berries. Fruit is conical in shape with a glossy deep-red appearance. Thick, sturdy canes grow vigorously, but need protection from winter elements. More compact growth habit in colder, northern gardens making it suitable for container gardening.
Foliage: Dark Green with slightly lighter green highlights on the end of leaves
USDA Zones: 3b to 8a
Fruit: Very Dark Red, almost Purple fruits that have a sweetness and slight tart-tang to them. The store wonderfully in the refrigerator.
Fruit Color: Very Deep Dark Red, almost Purple in some instances.
Water: Raspberries need lots of water when establishing, and once established, can tolerate times of high stress when water is scarce. Plan on 3 to 6 inches of water a week for the first 2 weeks, and half that much thereafter.
Sun: All raspberries prefer full sun; however, they do tolerate dappled and light shade. Your fruiting will be compromised if too much shade is given.

The seeds will be packaged in individual envelopes when sent to you for ease of planting. The envelopes will be marked with the name and content count for the individual seed.

Materials: Organic Honeoye Strawberry Seeds,Organic Crimson Knight Raspberry Seeds