Organic Chinese Red Birch Seeds -  A Conical Tree to 80 ft.  Tall with Beautiful Autumn Colorings

Organic Chinese Red Birch Seeds - A Conical Tree to 80 ft. Tall with Beautiful Autumn Colorings

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Chinese Red Birch
Betula albosinensis
Red Peel, Oriental Birch, Asian Birch,

Description: A conical tree to 80 ft. tall with beautiful autumn colorings. Attractive peeling bark. The bark is a beautiful rich orange-red that peels off in thin, fine, tissue-like sheets. The leaves are a dark yellow-green, turning to yellow in the fall. Fast becoming a favorite bonsai specimen.
Mature Height: 80 feet
Mature Spread: 30 to 40 feet
Bark: Peeling and attractive for its distinctive color.
Form: Tall, conical and heavy
Twigs: Reddish-brown, slender, mostly hairless.
Leaves: 2-4" (5-10 cm) long, 1 1/2-2" (4-5 cm) wide. Ovate, long-pointed; coarsely and doubly saw-toothed; usually with 5-9 veins on each side. Dull dark green above, light yellow-green and nearly hairless beneath; turning light yellow in autumn.
Flowers: Tiny; in early spring. Male yellowish, with 2 stamens, many in long drooping catkins near tip of twigs. Female greenish, in short upright catkins back of tip of same twig.
Cones: 1 1/2-2" (4-5 cm); narrowly cylindrical, brownish, hanging on slender stalk; with many 2-winged nutlets; maturing in autumn.
Soil: Moist, loamy to clayey, must be loose
Sun: Full to partial sun
USDA Zone: For Zones 4a-8b outside, or as an indoor bonsai plant.
Habitat: Moist upland soils and cutover lands; often in nearly pure stands.
Uses: Outdoor planting, patio or deck plant. Bonsai for its ease of management and desired look.
Discussion: Exquisitely rich red-brown to orange-red exfoliating bark. Upright rounded form. Dark yellow-green leaves turn bright gold in fall. Its light, copper-brown, shiny bark and golden catkins make it a very attractive tree all year round. These birch trees have an open habit, making them excellent to garden under. They can be single or multi-trunked. They are not recommended for very small gardens as they need plenty of room to mature. When choosing a location, keep in mind that the Chinese Red Birch has a moderate to fast growth rate. This variety grows up to 70 feet in height and 30 feet in width. It can be planted in zones 4a to 8b. They prefer moist soil and should be planted where there is full or part sun. Avoid planting in very compacted soils. Chinese red birch seeds are sown on the surface preferably in a humid/moist situation in half shade. They can be sown in the fall or spring/early summer. While they will germinate without any pretreatment, a short 1-3 week cold stratification (where the seeds are stored in a cool and moist environment, but not frozen) can improve germination rates. They can be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed plastic bag for up to one year.

Materials: Organic Chinese Red Birch Seeds