Organic White Fortunei Dragon Tree Seeds -  Excellent for Quickly Transforming the Landscape with Fast Growth

Organic White Fortunei Dragon Tree Seeds - Excellent for Quickly Transforming the Landscape with Fast Growth

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White Fortunei Dragon Tree (Empress Tree)
Fortunei Dragon Tree
Scrophulariaceae Paulownia Fortunei
Kiri Tree, Sapphire Dragon Tree, Empress Tree
Description: The Fortunei Paulownia is excellent for quickly transforming the landscape with its fast growth, lush foliage and prolific flowering. The Paulownia grows vigorously over the Spring and Summer months.
USDA Zones: 4b ‚– 10a
Mature height: 75 feet: (3rd yr: 8/30' -15-18 yrs: 75')
Flowers: Bell shaped, fragrant, in clusters
Blossoming: (2nd/3rd yr): 6 weeks in spring.
Color: Creamy white/bright white, with splotches of red/pink in the center.
Leaves: Heart shaped to 15 inches wide; pale green
Bark: Smooth with conspicuous lenticels when young, longitudinally splitting with age.
Temperature range: (+15 to +120) degrees drops leaves in winter.
Soil conditions: Well drained is best, light to heavy clay is ok.
Soil pH: 5.5 to 8.5 (6.5 is the optimum ph level).
Limitations: Trees will not do well in overly wet soils or salt sea air.
Root system: Multiple tap roots 15 to 20 feet deep if not more.
Fertilizer: High nitrogen, compost is best, but over the counter fertilizers like MiracleGro will suffice, but use cautions, so not to burn the tree.
Water: Soak deeply once or twice a week for first two years. When roots reach maturity, water requirement very low.
Discussion: According to both records & legend, the Paulownia tree species has been used for making quality timber products since before 400 BC. Thus, the Paulownia tree can be seen as one of the oldest plantation tree species in the modern world. The Chinese people have been growing Paulownia trees for centuries and believe the trees attract good fortune to those who surround themselves with them. The Paulownia tree has many varieties of species and some are known in parts of the world as the "Kiri Tree", the "Sapphire Dragon", or the "Empress Tree". The fast growing Paulownia fortunei tree is suitable for full plantations or Agro-forestry and offers growers throughout Australia excellent potential returns over a 7 to 9 year period. In Australia, the USA, and South America, the main uses for the timber are as a replacement for the "Meranti" type timbers currently imported into those countries. The "Meranti" type timbers are used widely in the building industry for skirting, architraves, doors, doorframes and cabinet making. The Paulownia tree timber can be used for all these things and more, utilizing it's beautifully grained unique blonde color, density and stability, the timber can also be used for fine veneers, musical instruments and quality furniture.

Materials: 25 Organic White Fortunei Dragon Tree Seeds