Patriotic Organic Berry Blast – 4 Types of bright, juicy, beautiful native American berries for your garden-100% Organic of course!

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Patriotic Organic Berry Blast – 4 Berry Types

Organic Giant Patriot Blueberry Seeds - 35 Seeds
Description: Noted for consistently fine yields. More taste per berry! Unusually large fruit has a slightly flattened shape and dusky blue color. Crop ripens in July on upright, slightly spreading bushes 4-6 ft. tall.
USDA Zones: 3-7

Organic Seascape Strawberry Seeds - 25 seeds
Description: Highly successful for Northeastern growers for summer and fall production. Seascape will flower and fruit all season. The berries are large, prolific, and have good flavor when picked ripe from the plant.
Fruit Color: Large, Deep Red, firm
Season: Day Neutral

Organic Autumn Amber Raspberry - 25 Seeds
Rubus idaeus
Yellow Raspberry, Cream Raspberry, Sunrise Raspberry
Description: Organic Autumn Amber Raspberries are a thornless variety that is very resistant to soil-borne diseases. Simple to grow and quite impressive in the amount the produce.
Foliage: Green leaves, brown canes (2nd year growth), Green canes (1st Year growth).
USDA Zones: USDA Zones 2a to 8a

Organic Demoranville Cranberry Seeds -30 Seeds
Description: Demoranville is a very bountiful producer – It really, really produces. One of the heaviest of the cranberries, the fruits are very large, shelf stable, have a long storage life, and a very sweet taste. Used by many to produce juice, per berry it has more juice potential than most others. Demoranville grows in all growing locations in the USA and Canada. One of the most disease resistant varieties of cranberry.
USDA Zones: 2a to 7b – Best in 2b to 6b)
Sun: Full sun

Materials: Organic Demoranville Cranberry Seeds,Organic Autumn Amber Raspberry Seed,Organic Seascape Strawberry seeds,Organic Giant Patriot Blueberry Seeds