Standard Red & Dwarf Red Pampas Grass - 50 Seeds Each Type
Standard Red & Dwarf Red Pampas Grass - 50 Seeds Each Type

Standard Red & Dwarf Red Pampas Grass - 50 Seeds Each Type

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Standard Red & Dwarf Red Pampas Grass - 50 Seeds Each Type
Cortaderia selloana, Cortaderia argentea, Cortaderia dioica, Arundo selloana, Gynerium argenteum.
False River Rush, Bank Grass, Uruguayan Pampas Grass, Brazilian Pampas Grass
Description: Pampas Grass is a large perennial Grass, that grows in large clumps 12 or more feet high, pluming in late summer.
Dwarf Pampas grass will rise to a height of 3 to 8 feet (Occasionally to 10) The plume-like inflorescence differs slightly between male and female plants.
Flower Color: Red – Both Types
Flowers: Red Plumes - From 1.5 to 3 feet in length.
USDA Zones: 3b to 10b.
Details: May be planted together for stunning visual appeal, or individually where needed. Pampas is a very resilient grass and when cut back at the end of each growing season will come back stronger and larger each following season, allowing you to divide and replant in other locations.
Diameter: Grower dependent
Spacing: Grower Dependent
Texture: Flower heads are fine and wispy, and leaves are willowy and follow the wind.
Form: Open and airy, clustered in container plantings.
Sun: Full Sun to partial shade
Water: Water as needed, support during drought, do not over water. (May be used in xeriscaping projects).
Flower Period: Mid-Spring to Late Summer/Early Fall.
Foliage: Reed-like leaves, long and curved; edges may be sharp and pose minimal danger.
Foliage Color: Green during the season, turning Brown in late Fall.
Germination: Start sown on surface and covered by light covering of growing medium. Water as needed. If planting in container, must be divided prior to planting in permanent location.
Growth Habit: Perennial.
Ecological Value: Provides cover, food source, and shelter for water fowl, ground animals and fish.
Native range: South America, Central America, and Southern United States.
Home Uses: Art and Crafts.
Soil pH: 5.5 to 7.2.
Soil Type: Most soils, works well on banks, estuaries, and other water locations. If soil is compact, loosen and amend properly prior to sowing/seeding.
Maintenance: Low, may be trimmed or clear cut at end of season, or prior to next season.
Pests: None in general, however, localized pests may be present in some locations/situation.
Warnings: Plant has long leaves that pose a slight hazard due to sharp edges.

Materials: Standard Red Pampas Grass Seeds,Dwarf Red Pampas Seeds